Don’t believe in unicorns? Then you haven’t heard of F-ELD.

Introducing a better way for compliance: ONE20s subscription-FREE, FULLY-Compliant ELD: F-ELD

An easier ELD. Coming July 2017. Pre-order now for $169.99.

December 2017 is fast approaching and whether you like it or not, you must be ELD compliant. 

We’ve created an electronic logging device (ELD) that’s easy to use, keeps you compliant, and is subscription free* for individual drivers.


Need a Fleet Solution? We have you Covered.

Your fleet’s ELD compliance should not have to come at a big price. 


F-ELD was developed with you in mind. Here are some driver-focused features:

  • Low cost hardware and subscription free
  • Driver-first design, with logs you-control
  • Easy installation, setup and use
  • Worry-free compliance

What you get:

  • ELD Truck Adapter
  • 9-pin Y cable for vehicles with J1939 vehicle port
  • Velcro tape & zip ties for dash mounting
  • Free access to the robust F-ELD app
  • Free access to the management portal: ONE20 Dashboard

BYOD (bring your own device):

Requires Android or Apple devices, either phone or tablet, with low-powered bluetooth and data plan. (We sell an awesome Professional Driver Tablet by the way….)

How it Works?
  • Purchase the F-ELD (pre-order this thing before sh*t gets real)
  • In July, 2017 you will get a beautiful, shiny package in the mail
  • Tear open the F-ELD package like it’s your birthday
  • Read the instructions – trust us, it will go fast
  • Download the ONE20 F-ELD app from the application store on your device
  • Sync the F-ELD truck adapter with your device via Bluetooth
  • Mount that sucker to your truck (safely of course) using the  provided materials
  • Drive compliant, safe, and subscription-free*
What's with the F?
  • Subscription FREE
  • Driver FRIENDLY
  • FULLY Compliant
  • FAST to set up
  • FOR the FRUGAL driver
  • FORCED by the Government
  • FITTED for your truck

Thinking of a product name is tough. But, when we got to thinking about all the features of our ELD,  it just so happened that many of them started with F. Thus, F-ELD was born.

*Subscription-free solution is for solo and team drivers. Fleets with 3+ drivers simply pay a monthly $5/driver fee. More information for fleets can be found here. **Pre-orders started 3/23/27. The show special pricing has expired. Pre-orders will not be shipped until July 2017.  You will not be charged until your order ships.