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Join a fast-growing trucking community, built by industry vets, and stay connected with driver-sourced information. ONE20 Maps has truck-safe navigation with no maps to download, GPS and trip planning tools along with trucker exclusive deals.

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With live updates on traffic and weather radar, ONE20 Maps will help make your trip better. Check on parking and weigh station statuses based on crowd-sourced updates by ONE20 and other truckers.

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Navigate your route with turn-by turn directions and voice prompts, real time traffic and ETA calculations. Avoid low bridges, truck restricted routes and dangerous turns. No downloads required. Plus it’s 100% free.

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Plan your next trip with information on places most important for truckers. Find points-of-interest along your route — travel centers, truck scales, Walmart locations, amenities, rest areas, and the best diesel prices based on today’s prices.

ONE20 is much more than an app — it’s a growing community of professional drivers who’ve decided they want more. We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies to get access to deals for our members. By using ONE20 Maps, you get a free membership that provides:

  • Free roadside assistance
  • Free Truck-Safe Navigation
  • Free access to health benefits and discounts
  • Deep discounts on commercial tires
  • Access to premium loads
  • Revolutionary factoring services
  • Deals and discounts on food, lodging, and more along your route

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