Good things happen when drivers come together.

Connect, share, support, and drive change—all with drivers that live and breathe trucking, day-in and day-out, just like you.

There’s strength in numbers.

Life on the road is filled with uncertainty and mind-boggling frustration.

ONE20 makes it easier by building more predictability into your day.

With information from drivers just like you, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions and champion real industry change.

“All we ask for is a little respect.”

— James

Rate to drive change

Review the places that get it right—and those that get it all wrong.

Not only can members read your reviews, we’ll work directly with industry partners to ensure your concerns are addressed. Pronto.

Find safe parking

More than 5 million drivers compete for 300,000 truck parking spots in the US.

ONE20 helps you find those scarce, open spaces through contributions by other members and ONE20 sources. Meaning, you get your well-deserved R&R.

Enjoy off-duty time

You’ve clocked off and you’re on your time. What now?

Find good eats and great entertainment—all supported by ONE20 driver member reviews—even for those road-tested adventures you’ll only find off the beaten path.

Let’s put the industry to work—for you.

We’re stronger, together.

When we share in a collective mission and speak with one voice, we can help make life on the road more affordable and more enjoyable for every driver.

We can bring respect back to the profession. Make the job a little bit easier.

Through it all, ONE20 will be here to tell you about the good and to call out the bad—always working tirelessly on your behalf.

We’re with you.

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