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Hardworking professional drivers need a break. You need to reach new customers. And, we’re bringing everyone to the table.

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We’re building the nation’s largest community of professional truck drivers.

Through the ONE20 app, we’ll empower truckers to plan safe, efficient trips and stay connected to those they care about, while accessing discounts on the things they buy every day.

In short, ONE20 will make life for the professional driver easier and more affordable, on and off the road.

And, you can help.

Get to know a driver

Professional drivers are the invisible heroes of our nation’s economy, yet a life on the road is anything but easy:

  • They’re away from home for weeks at a time
  • Trucking regulations force them to stop for 10 consecutive hours, but safe parking is hard to find
  • They’re overworked and underpaid
  • They face limited choices for the goods and services they need, stretching already limited budgets

It’s easy to forget how the things we use everyday magically appear on store shelves—to overlook the sacrifices drivers make to get them there. From food to fuel, they’re dedicated to keeping America moving.

And, they need all the help we can provide them.

“I’m just waiting for someone to do something for us, instead of to us.”

— Jeff

Drivers are a powerful purchasing niche

What should you know about professional drivers?

  • Truck driving is the most popular profession in more than half of our united states, and has been for decades
  • There are 5.3 million active professional truckers driving for 550,000 companies
  • Truck driving is more than a career—it’s a lifestyle
  • Drivers are the definition of mobile—away from home but connected through technology
  • Drivers are very active on social media and generous with their tips and advice
Help drivers plan and save

While the life of a truck driver is filled with unpredictability, federally-mandated off-duty times and fleet tracking technologies lend greater structure and visibility into their schedules. That means you can reach drivers traveling to your area with relevant offers, helping them bundle and save.

And, when you help drivers, they’ll be loyal to you.

Drivers are hungry for better deals

We asked truck drivers if they needed help saving on the road:

  • 91% felt they needed deals to reduce their costs
  • 60% look for deals using the internet
  • 63% have purchased deals before the start of a trip
  • 56% get assistance from friends and family to find deals along their route
  • 74% would buy a deal before they even hit the road

And, by partnering with ONE20, you can:

  • Create unique deals that are meaningful to drivers
  • Positively impact your bottom line
  • Reduce excess inventory
  • Help drivers find truck-friendly locations on their routes that offer cost-saving opportunities

Drive sales with bigger, better deals

Reach drivers looking for promotions, coupons, discounts, and BOGO deals:

  • 20% to 50% discounts drive sales and increase traffic to your physical and online stores
  • 50%+ discounts help you liquidate merchandise when you need to cut your loses
Deliver time-sensitive offers

Typically higher in value, you can use limited-time offers to serve drivers, while also driving business.

Create special offers during:

  • Slow business hours, like the restaurant lull between lunch and dinner
  • Busy trucking seasons, like back-to-school, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer harvest

Start out simple

Member partner benefits:

  • Deals and discounts
  • ONE20 Preferred Partner POI

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Affiliate sponsors benefits:

  • Deals and discounts
  • ONE20 Preferred Partner POI
  • Partner ecosystem on tablet

Go all-in

ONE20 brand professionals benefits:

  • Deals and discounts
  • ONE20 Preferred Partner POI
  • Partner ecosystem on tablet
  • Partner section of ONE20 app
  • Membership exclusive discounts
You scratch their back, we’ll scratch yours

Our mission is to make life on the road better for our nation’s hard-working truck drivers.

To do that, we ask our partners to:

  • Deliver offers that are specific to drivers (we’ll help you understand their needs)
  • Create meaningful offers that help drivers improve their lives—a 5% discount on a hot dog won’t cut it this program

Work with ONE20 to ensure your deals are successful

  • What do you get in return?
  • Increased brand awareness
  • New customers that might not otherwise purchase from you
  • Lower acquisition costs thanks to specialized, resonant messaging
  • Increased total revenues when you sell more

Grow with driver intelligence

Through your partnership with ONE20, you’ll:

  • Unlock direct customer feedback and intelligence
  • Drive customer acquisition and overall consumer performance
  • Increase sales when drivers select cost-saving routes—featuring your deals—for their mandated 10-hour breaks
  • Understand ‘environmental impacts’ to sales through driver sightings and reports
Deliver the goods with driver ratings

Driver ratings and reviews mean you’ll have deep insights into what you’re doing well and where you could tighten up the screws. And, that means you can:

  • Improve overall customer service and satisfaction
  • Find out which locations are underperforming—and why—so you can drive improvements
  • Introduce new features, functions, and services requested by drivers, increasing consumer loyalty
  • Gain deeper understanding into what works well for drivers and what doesn’t
  • Discover the new ideas, products, and amenities drivers are hungry for, that mean new revenue streams for your business
Take your seat at the table

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