Plan your next safe, efficient trip.

Make routing simple with the free truck navigation app built specifically with truckers in mind.

You’ll get turn-by-turn truck-safe directions—and get the scoop on when and where to stop, and why.

Arrive safely—every time

Now, planning out your safe, efficient, and legal route is so simple, even a four-wheeler could do it.

That’s because ONE20 delivers a free, customizable truck navigation app, giving you the confidence you need to get the job done right.

Whether you’re driving a box truck or a 53-foot tractor-trailer, your custom route will factor in:

  • Bridge heights and clearances
  • Load limits
  • Weight limits and allowances
  • Left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions
  • Truck through-route designations
  • Urban road classifications
  • Truck-restricted, truck-designated, and truck-prohibited roads

And, offline maps mean your turn-by-turn truck navigation doesn’t skip a beat just because your mobile connection does.

What’s more, truck-specific points of interest and multi-stop trip planning give you accurate ETAs, making it easy to keep your customers, coworkers, friends, and family up-to-date on your expected arrival.

turn-by-turn truck navigation app
truck navigation app shows optimal routes

Pick your best route

Whether you’re hunting for the shortest route or the most practical trip, ONE20 truck navigation lays out all of your options.

And, that makes choosing the best way to arrive at your destination crazy-simple.

trucker app shows available truck parking

Find trucker points of interest

From travel centers to rest areas, weigh stations and hotels, ONE20 enables you to plan for all of your on-the-road needs.

Seriously, we’ve got you covered from Point A to Point B—and everything in between.

trucker app shows driver reviews

Make your next stop a smart one

When it comes to route planning, the devil’s in the details.

So, ONE20 gives you the 411 on truck-specific locations, including amenities like parking, restrooms, showers, scales, fuel, and restaurants.

“A lot of places are not truck friendly. It makes it difficult to just drop a trailer and go do something.”

— Allen

New city, old problem.

Where do you go? Who do you trust?

You’re a road warrior. You deal with the good and bad no matter where you are—and then you get on with your day.

But what if you could avoid the traps other truckers wish they’d missed?

Equipped with more information and better options—from traffic data and parking availability to driver deals and discounts—you’ll be able to make wise decisions and stretch your dollar further.

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