The tablet that works as hard as you do

Loaded with everything the professional driver needs to be successful on the road, this tablet puts you right in the hammer lane.

A tablet for truckers

You work hard. Which is why the ONE20 professional driver tablet needed to be real damn easy. And, it is.

You get:

  • Rock-solid Samsung Tab-E
  • Pre-loaded ONE20 app and maps for instant access to tools and deals
  • Turn-by-turn, truck-safe navigation
  • Fast, dependable AT&T LTE network
  • Risk-free, month-to-month service contract

And, that means you can plan a safe trip while saving time, finding deals, and connecting with those most important to you, right from the moment you unbox the device.

You’ll even have the flexibility to choose from affordable, ONE20-exclusive 2GB, 5GB, and 10GB data plans that help you save money and free you to use more data-intensive apps and streams.

What’s more, you’ll be able to personalize your ONE20 tablet in ways you just can’t with other truck GPS devices. Just access the Google Play store that comes loaded with the apps and utilities you’ll use most often.

trucker tablet
Get ready to roll with ONE20

Powered by the ONE20 app, you’ll have access to powerful tools and great deals from the moment you start up your device. We’re talking truck-safe maps, a deal locator, and enhanced insights into the truck locations and amenities you’ll find along your route.

Navigate to your next stop safely

ONE20 truck-safe navigation helps you plan your next safe trip with map turn-by-turn directions and map updates.

And, you’ll find more predictability in your day with a route picking feature, reliable ETAs, up-to-date maps, and traffic and weather reports.

Simplify your life on the road

We’ve found the mobile apps and utilities professional drivers use most and we’ve pre-loaded them onto the ONE20 tablet.

That means doing your job well and connecting with those you love most just got easier—and faster.

Avoid data overages and penalties

Overage alerts, paired with our affordable 5GB and 10GB data plans, help you avoid unwanted data charges—even when you’re on the road for weeks at a time.

And, no matter which option you choose—from 2GB to 10GB—our month-to-month service plans help eliminate the painful sting of long-term mandatory contracts.

Everything you need. Really.

You’ll start with the Samsung Galaxy Tab E, featuring:

  • High-definition, 8-inch screen
  • 16GB of storage
  • Battery life of up to 13 hours

But it’s what’s in the box that really makes this professional driver tablet truly truck-ready. Complete with a high-power suction mount, protective case, cables, and chargers, all you have to do is unbox, power-up, and hit the road.

Loaded up with ONE20, you’re ready to go.

“It works out a lot better and costs a lot less.”

— Lucas