So much more than facts and figures

Introducing the TopONE20 report. A quarterly report that compiles data generated directly from the industry’s drivers. The report highlights ratings and reviews for points of interest, such as travel centers and restaurants, as well as amenity-level reviews like restroom cleanliness, parking availability and staff knowledge and friendliness.

The most comprehensive list of ratings and reviews the industry has ever seen

ONE20 analyzes and quantifies data from numerous categories such as the favorites and least favorites for:

  •       Travel Centers
  •       Amenities by Chain: Showers, Cleanliness, Parking, Staff Friendliness, Restaurants
  •       Loyalty Programs
  •       Travel Center Mobile Apps
  •       Sit-Down and Quick-Serve Restaurants
  •       Online shopping experience
  •       Lodging
  •       Technology Devices
  •       Mobile Carriers
  •       Entertainment Choices
  •       Social Media

Outside of general ratings and reviews, the reports will:

  • Compile driver demographics/profiles
  • Identify daily spending and purchasing habits in areas such as technology and leisure
Rated by drivers, for drivers

ONE20 analysts review the data to identify trends and themes, in order to tell a story that until now has never been told: how drivers really feel about the businesses that serve them. As the program matures, it will go even deeper and identify how weather and weekdays/times can influence driver ratings and give additional context to TopONE20 data in real-time.

The program will also recognize top-rated locations that will receive “Voted TopONE20” decals for their stores signifying them as a top location as voted by the American truckers.

Reliable Data is Key

• More informed product decisions
• Selling strategy based on location, time and demographic
• Identify brand inconsistencies
• Know who to partner with based on your target audience
• Identify the most used products and services

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